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Consultants may all seem alike – but they can be very different to work with, and produce very different results.

What makes us at Red Star Consulting distinctive from other consultants is that we are not afraid of being DIFFERENT and DECISIVE in everything we do.

We are highly focused on winning and achieving excellent results for our clients, while making the job fun along the way. We are known by our commitment to honest communication, in direct and straightforward language, while remaining unequivocally aligned with our clients in reaching their goals.

 Red Star Consulting is a unique combination of:

  • Russian soul
  • Scandinavian democratic values
  • European working culture
  • American entrepreneurial mentality
  • Global workplace

Just try to do better than us! We really love competition! As Frank Oz once said: ‘In order to be a STAR performer you have to have someone to play against.’ Competition merely strengthens our passion for success, and makes our competitive edge even sharper. Competition is an excellent catalyst for increasing our efficiency.

Our team possesses niche expertise, a portfolio of innovative but proven solutions, and an extensive international network of contacts. We use these tools to help our clients make tactical decisions in various spheres of business, in different geographic locations, under different working conditions.

All in all, we are inspiring business navigators, successfully steering you towards your own Red Star – your business goals. We are guiding our clients with our excellent sense of direction and the help of reliable tools. ZZIGG is the arrow on our Red Star compass – a trustworthy guide through shifting market conditions and turbulent business environments. ZZIGG is our focus on client needs, which never wavers.


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