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I'd rather be a COULD-BE if I cannot be an ARE;
because a COULD-BE is a MAYBE who is reaching for a STAR.
I'd rather be a HAS-BEEN than a MIGHT-HAVE-BEEN, by far;
for a MIGHT-HAVE-BEEN has never been,
but a HAS was once an ARE.
(Milton Berle, popular American comedian)


In February 2005 two Russian friends ventured to establish a new international management consulting company. Both of them shared the same vision – a simple one, but vastly different from standard corporate mission statements:

  • We will strive for building a democratic and prosperous Russia through the development of international cooperation.
  • We will pursue our course by inspiring and steering serious business actors towards new opportunities, goal achievement and value creation.
  • The success of our clients will bring the GREAT COUNTRY closer to the rest of the world.

The founders’ idea was that by helping their clients – strong international business players – to create the highest possible value in Russia, they would contribute also to societal development, thus improving the lives of ordinary Russians. The same logic was also valid for serious Russian companies who were eager to enter international markets and needed assistance. Professional experience and business instinct told the founders that there were many companies, both Russian and international ones, who might sincerely share their vision and who, as potential clients, could build a foundation for the growth of the new venture...

A month later Red Star Consulting was born! At present our offices are located in Russia (Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, St.Petersburg, Moscow) and Norway (Oslo). We have an international network of associated consultants all over the world. And we are constantly searching for more 'stars'.

We are very grateful to our friends and clients from Norway, Russia, Finland and other countries who helped us with our start-up ‘from scratch’, and who continue to believe in us and share the Red Star vision.


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