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Our clients tell us that they choose Red Star Consulting because of its people. Our team and our culture are our greatest assets.

We employ people who demonstrate a passion for results and the ambition to make a difference with their work. Our team members hail from various cultural and professional backgrounds, and possess different skills and mindsets, but we all still have much in common – inventive and analytical, relationship-builders and motivators, adept at stimulating and managing creativity, solution- and target-oriented, tolerant of high stress and heavy workloads, known by their integrity and strong work ethic.

We invest a lot in professional training and education. We are committed to personal development and knowledge-sharing, knowing we must serve our clients in the best possible manner by taking our capabilities to higher levels. We must always be up-to-date and a minimum of one step ahead of our clients in the knowledge of specific markets and contemporary management tools. Moreover, throughout we are working hard to develop our common Red Star culture which inspires not just our clients, but energizes ourselves for higher value generation.

Our Core Team:

Alexander Dementjev
Senior Partner
+47 90134285
+7 916 3590017

Business development, corporate and project management, product development, innovation and commercialization, management consulting (strategy) in construction, shipbuilding, telecom, oil & gas industries.

“Red Star for me is a lifestyle of non-standard, solution oriented people.”

Vasily Larionov
Managing Partner
+7 911 5554475

Governmental, investor and public relations, international operations, project management, marketing research & analysis, supply chain management.

“Red Star Consulting is the chance of the lifetime. Just live up to this chance."

Nikita Ananyin
+7 911 5624796

Supply chain management, international operations, marketing research & analysis.



 Julia Larionova
Marketing & Communications
+7 911 5560630

Marketing & communications, corporate social responsibility, project management.

“Red Star Consulting is a team inspiration vs. challenges.”


 Olga Titova
Research & Analysis
+7 911 013 6996

Research & analysis, coaching, international operations, translation & interpretation.

“Red Star Consulting is a young energetic team, smart ideas, and professional performance.”


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